How to Hire the Right SEO Company for Your Online Business

Published On April 28, 2017 | By Laird Tobies | Business

Search engine optimization is essential for helping your online business succeed. It’s what helps to draw in traffic from hot leads. If the people coming to your website are searching your keyword terms and landing on your site, chances are, they’re looking for your products or services. The key now is to find an SEO agency that will help to improve your rankings and make it possible for your target audience to find you. But not all SEO companies are created equal. The following are the skills and qualities every SEO business should have.

A Laid Out SEO Plan

Before you get started with an SEO company, it’s important to go over their optimization strategy. If they’re not willing to go over this with you, then run for the hills. Clients are entitled to know how the services they paid for will provide the results they desire. Go over the details of the strategy, so you can see that they’re not just yanking your chain and actually have some type of plan in place.

A Proven Strategy

The search engine optimization firm you hire should have a proven strategy. One way to identify this is to see what other businesses they have helped in the past. How long did it take them to get the results that were accomplished? Were the results good enough to your standards? Are they going to use the same strategy for yours or an improved one?

Experience in Your Industry

It’s also good to know that the agency you’re hiring actually has experience in your industry. As you’re interviewing experts and firms, ask what experience they have with e-commerce, carpet cleaning, real estate or whatever other field you’re in. It wouldn’t make much sense to work with an SEO guy that specializes in industrial warehousing, if you have a storefront similar to Hudson’s Bay.

Open and Honest

It’s important for you to be in the loop of your SEO strategy. Will frequent and consistent updates be provided to you by the firm? If not, request it. If they won’t do it, then this is a bad sign. A company that is secretive is one that’s likely scamming you. One that’s confident in its services will proudly display their efforts and results over time. Just be patient and expect for the beginning to be a little slow. Most strategies take a few months to really start pushing up your rankings.

A Great Content Team

Your SEO strategy isn’t going to work if there’s no one making content. Does the SEO company you’re interested in have a content team that can push out quality content your audience will enjoy? If not, then you’re going to have to hire a content marketing firm to put your SEO plan into action. Make sure the content writers on the staff are actually high-quality. Ask to see examples of content written for others in your similar industry.

Hiring an SEO agency can either help or destroy your site rankings. Follow the above tips to ensure you get the best results possible.

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