How Remote Monitoring Can Save Your Business Money

Published On July 21, 2017 | By Laird Tobies | Business

Have you ever wondered how much your business would lose by a single of downtime of all monitoring systems? Besides, what if your servers crashed or jammed for a few hours, and your business if forced to result to monitoring your businesses manually. Again, what if a hacker stole crucial customer information from your systems, or proprietary information and formulas?

The three questions should trigger you into securing your monitoring systems as they play a huge role in shielding you from losses. Remote monitoring systems protect you from finding the answers to the above questions. Besides, remote monitoring and management systems save you the cost of hiring a skilled IT specialist. As such, remote monitoring helps your business save money in the following ways.

  1. Instant spotting of problems

For small business owner, you are required to handle lots of tasks to save on costs. However, it can is impossible for you to monitor every aspect of your business operations. For instance, it is impossible to cover the production departments and monitor customer service simultaneously without the help of remote monitoring systems. Remote monitoring helps you spot a problem first hand, and you can make corrections before the challenge spills to other sectors of your business. As such the business makes money from remote monitoring systems by first preventing losses and by the use of less personnel to carry out tasks that would require lots of people to cover.

2.       Saving Time

 When a business switches to remote monitoring, it paves the way for efficiency in your business, by reducing the cost of operations and saving time. Remote monitoring systems provide you with real time feed of what is happening, without having to hire more personnel to monitor the business. You can be able to monitor the operations of your business from your house or even far country without having to make calls to make inquiries. That brings about efficiency in the business, as your workers know they are directly liable for their actions, and they will not explain it to a supervisor but the boss. Hence, your workers hardly waste time on unnecessary activities but give their best. The business consequently makes more money due to the enhanced worker’s performance.

  1. Elimination of disruptions

Time has proven that even the most watched networks, tend to develop problems and the benefit of remote monitoring systems is that they spot any fault and deal with it without any downtime. Network issues impact more than just one person or a computer experiencing the problem. One issue can cause an entire production line to shut down for hours if not days causing a loss to the business. However, when you can spot such problems and deal with them before they lead total shut down, a business can have uninterrupted operations which mean more money as opposed to businesses that have to shut down due to deal with minor problems.

4.       Enhanced security

Businesses worldwide lose millions of dollars due to cases of insecurity, which range from hacking to shop lifting in your stores. When remote monitoring systems are installed in your business, a business can notice trends that would not be noticed by human monitoring preventing fraud. Remote monitors will be able to detect internal issues, such as cunning employees who defeat certain security checks and get away with company property. The systems give you an assurance of eliminating over 90% of insecurity at a fairly low cost, translating to more money for the business.

Hence, as indicated in the four key points, a business stands to gain by installing remote monitoring systems. Remember, the systems give business owner first-hand information on daily occurrences, and they can make more prudent decisions without having to deal with the reports from other employees which could be biased and require lots of time to process.

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